Receiving Robo Calls or Being Harassed by a Debt Collector? We can help you collect money compensation!

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Per law, you deserve to be treated by debt collectors fairly, respectfully, truthfully, and with dignity.

So if you have within the last four years received:

  • a robo call from a telemarketer, saleperson, or debt collector to your cellphone without your permission (a robo call is a call made by an  automatic telephone dialers — virtually all automated collection calls and sales  are made by automatic telephone dialers); or

  • a pre-recorded message or voicemail without your permission; or

  • sales or collection text messages to your cellphone without your permission

Under the law of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA, you can recover statutory damages of $500 per illegal call or text, and up to $1,500 per willful violations.

If you think you may be the victim of illegal robocalls and texts, contact us today for a FREE case evaluation.



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