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Whether you have been injured in an accident or need to file bankruptcy or need to stop  an abusive debt collector or robocalls, Lee Law Office is where you come to get your peace of mind back today.  

If you are burdened with overwhelming debt, the situation may seem hopeless. It isn't! By filing for bankruptcy, you can discharge many debts such as medical bills, credit card debt, charge accounts, payday loans. etc, and start with a clean slate and reclaim your financial independence, while stopping wage garnishments, collection calls and letters, foreclosures and repossessions.  

Or you may need to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy so you can put together a payment plan to get you caught up on your past due mortgage, or payoff a car that you are behind on, all the while being under the protection of the bankruptcy court. 

That said, filing for bankruptcy can be a complex process, so partnering with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer is extremely important.

At Lee Law Office, PLLC, we have more than a decade of experience working with people and their life issues. In fact, our head attorney, Arnold D. Lee, has written an entire book on bankruptcy and related issues. When you partner with our firm, you get hands-on, personalized and tailored legal services fused with comprehensive knowledge.

We know that bad things happen to good people and that because of the current economic situation in the United States, millions of individuals and families are facing financial hardship. Our foremost goal is to help alleviate these issues by helping find the right solutions for their unique situations, circumstances and goals.

You owe it to yourself to begin your new life of financial security and well-being — we are here for you and encourage you to reach out as soon as possible.

Doing nothing, changes nothing! What's your next move?

Get your peace of mind back today!

Additionally, our firm sue debt collectors. Debt collectors have to treat you fairly, respectfully, truthfully, and with dignity.  If they don't, then you could qualify for money damages and we help people recover their  damages.  We also help with robocalls. Debt collectors or telemarketers are not allowed to call you without your permission, and if they do, we help people go after the up to $1500 per call damages they are entitled to. 

Finally, our firm is prepared to bring its experience to work on car accidents. We work hard to handle cases aggressively to maximize your money recovery while also maintaining the level of privacy and dignity that you deserve.

We pride ourselves on recovering maximum compensation for our clients to help cover medical expenses, lost wages, irreparable pain and suffering, and inconvenience. 

To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss suing a debt collector, your car accident, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, call 601-292-6981 or email us arnoldlee@peaceofmindback.com.



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